Sharepoint 2013 - Introduction

Sharepoint was originally created as a document sharing/management system that doubles as a collaboration platform and internal intranets, rather than be the backbone of a public-facing website. However, as with each new edition, it has gained more and more capabilities as a Content Management System, however, many limitations still remains.

First off, unlike other CMS like Drupal, it doesn't work out of the box, it needs a lot of customization before it is ready to face the world.

Sharepoint is based on the ASP.NET framework, although for basic features such as adding pages and and using page layouts doesn't require any programming, creating custom web parts and page layouts will require knowledge in either C# or Visual Basic, the two programming languages which can be used within the ASP.NET framework. Creating master pages and page layouts also require knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In the next few posts, we will go through different parts of the Sharepoint system, focusing on how to use it as a content management system for a website, as opposed to its collaboration capabilities.

Let's get started!

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