Introducing Instafetch

If you've worked with the Instagram API, you'd have noticed that there's a limit of how many media items are returned. By default, it's 20, but you can specify a count parameter which can get you to 33 (at the time of this writing). That sucks.

Here comes Instafetch! Instafetch allows you to get as many media items from a user as you require, and can even filter it by tags. You specify how many results to return, and it will return that exact number. The only limit now becomes your quota (of 5000) for API calls.

It does have its limitations:

  1. It only works for users and comments, but that's the most common use case.
  2. It will be slower as multiple calls are made sequentially
  3. It will consume more API calls from your quota - fetching 66 results will still cost you 2 API calls.
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