Contagious - Building a Slack Clone in Meteor.js

Inspired by the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, I've been writing a series describing what factors make things goes viral. So here's an example relating to something else I've been doing.

I recently wrote a series on about Building a Slack Clone in Meteor.js. It spread like wildfire and others Slack clones similarly followed; existing projects around the same theme also got more attention. It was featured on The Meteor Podcast and also on the Official Meteor Blog.


Slack and Meteor are pretty popular nowadays amongst web developers, so having both terms on the title immediately gave the series some Social Currency. Slack is cool, Meteor is awesome - so this series must be too!

The series was rolled out in parts - one week an article. There's a newsletter that goes out each week to remind the subscribers of the course. Here's the trigger.

The series also carried huge practical value - it guides someone who knows nothing about Meteor, Node.js, or MongoDB to build a complete chat application and deploy it. And it's not just a series of copy-and-paste. There were in-depth explanation, so it's useful for both beginners and more advanced developers.

So even though there wasn't any emotion, public, or stories aspects involved, hitting three of the six described in the book was enough to make this series spread.

Lastly, I would like to thank Chris Sevilleja, Nicholas Cerminara and for giving me the opportunity to make this happen. They're an awesome team, go check them out!

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